Our smart side guide rail for Zipscreen systems


7econd our smart side guide rail for zipscreen systems

A smart active side guide rail, based on contrasted pushing springs, completes the ClipZip® system. When flush to the wall installation is needed 7econd® is the answer, with no screw at sight. You get a quick and easier installation and maintenance process. Patented system and new materials keep blinds in perfect tension for more than half million cycles.

Combine 7econd® to ClipZip® for a perfect tension of your solar shades

  • Fastest functionality solution, a smart push & pull snap-fit side aluminium profile
  • No machining on side aluminium profiles at the manufacturing
  • No screw at sight, minimal good-looking effect well appreciated by architects
  • No screw to be used during the installation/maintenance (saving time for installers)
  • Fast and easy solution to install aluminium guides laterally and even frontally
  • Load resistance also in case of accidental side strike
  • Pre-notched snap-fit side aluminium profile for a quick and safe clips positioning
  • Can be integrated on your own aluminium side profile solutions
  • Easy and low maintenance, helping the final user to prevent bacterial issues
  • Suitable for “flush to the wall” or minimal installation purposes
  • Wind resistance up to 130 km/h
  • Available together with ClipZip® systems to grant the ideal functionality

7econd® is available in 2 different versions

7econd Biflex


Developed for a flush to wall solution thanks to its frontal installation. Very minimal design having no screw on sight. Available together with our ClipZip® system and performing with our clip Biflex.


A higher side profile was developed for “crystal” screens. Thanks to a higher spring called Clip Maxi it keeps the vinyl always well tight to give a better aesthetic to the whole system. The profile can be mounted frontally but also laterally, thanks to its
lateral cover.

7econd Maxi