Our line of extruded and co-extruded profiles available in different solutions, various shapes and colors


Aqustic is our line of extruded and co-extruded profiles available in different solutions, various shapes and colors

A wide range of profiles for external metal venetian blinds, transforms such a small detail into an exclusive advantage for your products. Thanks to their particular design a total acoustic control is granted, during the opening and the closure of lamellas, due to the long-lasting flexibility of the profile. The ideal solution even in case of strong wind and adverse weather conditions.

Born in 1967 to protect the metal, today reached its latest evolution bringing Plastex to be the pioneer of the technical know-how of such profiles. Customers consider the material utilized one of the big advantages showing high resistance in a wide range of temperatures and high UV exposure conditions.

Lippen: our soundproofing profiles

  • Co-extruded Lippen developed as dampening profile coupled together with venetian blind lamella
  • Customized geometry according to the customer needs
  • Much more flexible tail in order to reduce the height of the blind when closed
  • During production, it does not release any substances on the machine rollers
  • Less friction during production coupling with lamella
  • Generally resistant up to +85°C or eventually up to +120°C
  • Technical support in site to check the functionality during your production process – assistance for eventual modification to the drawing.
Bancale metallico, bobine sfondo nero (1)

Delivered in a comfortable patented system having following advantages

  • Saves space in your warehouse
  • Indicatively 2’500m to 3’500m per each plastic coil
  • The profile will be protected during the transport
  • Weekly production in case of important volumes
  • Back and Forth solution managed by Plastex for both delivery and empty coil pick-up 
  • Transport cost saving
  • Easy handling from Customer operator during production – the rack can be placed in front of the line 
  • Plastic coil saving in the long period, it remain property of the Customer
  • Less environmental waste due to the reusable coils
  • Metal Rack will be supplied by Plastex – no further cost will be charged

U-Flat: your solution for venetian blind

U-Flat by Plastex is a co-extruded profile specially developed for Venetian Blind aluminium side guide

  1. The co-extruded profile developed mainly for Venetian Blind but it could be adapted also for other applications
  2. Customized geometry according to the Customer lateral aluminum guide
  3. Easy and quick installation
  4. Better sliding and noise reduction
  5. Optimizes space for both transport and storage
  6. Performing from -30°C to 85°C
  7. Standard length 5m (customized length also available) – always in wooden case for overseas shipping. Could be supplied also in rolls.

T-Profile Gaskets lateral guiding extruded solution

Our line of lateral guiding extruded solutions to be applied on aluminium tracks for sunblind systems.