Throughout our products we are serving solution for numerous industries


Through our products we are serving solution for numerous production fields and industries

Plastex is a company that has constantly evolved and that could provide multiple solutions for many different industries and sectors.  Our agile structure and innovative mindset led us to work with different partners and different business areas.  

This experience and know-how will be the key to the future. Here below you can check the business areas that we have been working with in the last decades.


In most homes and commercial premises the building envelope is the main source of energy loss or gain. Among its various components, windows are a static element, while weather conditions vary continuously. Yet everybody hopes (and expects) to be comfortable indoors all the time. Dynamic shading is one of the essential answers to this dilemma.

Shading reduces or eliminates the need for active cooling in summer conditions, by controlling the amount of solar energy entering through the windows.

The European solar shading industry is an SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) industry, employing at least 400.000 people in thousands of companies, with a total annual turnover of more than 15 billion euro.

The term solar shading relates to a range of devices that keep the sun’s heat and light from entering the building under control: outside Venetian or roller blinds, zip screens, roller shutters, interior Venetians, roman shades, pleated shades, etc, including curtains and other window coverings. 

Increasing energy efficiency is one of the major policies in the context of improving competitiveness and security of supply of energy.

Plastex is playing a leading role in providing its products for the Sun Shade industry.

Any questions about Solar Screens Industry?

We provide solutions and a guide to Solar Shade Systems

Building Industry Solutions


Population growth, demographic changes, and a favourable economic environment are driving high demand for residential buildings.

There are also interesting niches, such as multigenerational houses, micro-apartments, and prefabricated buildings.

Green building technologies – from the architect’s office to building materials and components – will be paramount in achieving the country’s climate protection targets.

There is no better time to approach this growing and green construction market.

Plastex indeed, thanks to its deep know-how is looking to approach players in the building sector in order to provide the right plastic product.

Automotive & Electronic Components

The automotive industry is shifting toward electric vehicles (EVs) even faster than we envisioned only a year ago.

With steady support from governments and leading automakers in the face of the COVID-19 crisis, the global market share of electrified cars, SUVs, and other light vehicles grew from 8% in 2019 to 12% in 2020, and has shown continued strength in early 2021.

We are serving the automotive and electronic components industries since the last 20 years, indeed our core business is to give our customers hundreds of solutions with our packaging plastic tubes.

We served those industries with more than 650 customized projects and over 60 million tubes produced.

Research, great know-how, and constant innovation are some secrets that led us as leaders in this sector.

automotive packaging tubes
Railway Industry Solutions

Railway Industry

The rail industry comprises of sale, manufacture, and operation of railway technology.

Rail transportation, primarily consisting of freight shipments and passenger service, plays a vital role in the economy of many countries.

The world’s railway network spans over 1.3 million route-kilometers worldwide. The United States operates by far the longest railroad network in the world, closely followed by Russia, China, India, Canada, Germany, and France.

Plastex is playing a role in the industry since 2015 and today is proud to have introduced into the market its Pad system that is revolutionizing the sub-rail system.