Railway Solutions

Our high-performance plastic components for the railway infrastructure.

Railway Solutions

Plastex is constantly improving solutions for the railway industry furnishing innovative products for the rail infrastructure.

Plastex optimizes and manufactures plastic products for motorized points, in railroad switches, signaling systems according to any specific rail needs and profiles. Our products grant low maintenance thanks to the raw material stiffness and its long-term aging resistance.

Plastic slip for railway turnout

Plastex slips applied in turnouts will extend considerably the lifetime of switchblades.

Main advantages:

  • self lubricant finishing
  • ease of application
  • excellent sliding
  • maintenance indicator (on demand)
  • low environmental impact
  • durability, cost saving

Innovative features of our Railway Pads

Anti-vibrating pad made of special rubber positioned between every sleeper and each track rail.

The pads improve both the static and the dynamic mechanical coupling between the sleeper and the rail, improving seating of the rail on the sleeper when no rolling stock is on the track (static coupling) or better distributing the weight of the train on the sleeper when it passes along the track (dynamic coupling).

Another drawback of the already known rail pads is associated with the poor recyclability of the vulcanized rubber.

All these factors make the large-scale use of vulcanized rubber pads disadvantageous and ecologically unsustainable, especially considering the extent of the railway network and therefore the large number of pads that must be used to cover all the sleepers.

The new pad is able to facilitate the laying of the rail, reducing the friction between the rail and the pad, improve the damping action between rail and sleeper when a train passes, thus improving the traveling comfort and reducing the stresses acting on the sleeper and the rail, and at the same time reducing the environmental impact and the cost of the installation of new railway sections or maintenance of existing sections

Some of our railway solutions applied